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Zombies HQ

Blacksmiths Arms

St Albans Museum + Gallery

The Odyssey Cinema

Collective Gallery & Art Project

The Tree

Empire Records

Mad Squirrel Tap

Books On a Hill

The Cathedral

St Albans School

The Loft

The Boot


Walk & Collect Stickers!

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1. Zombies HQ

Location: Collective Gallery & Art Project Space

18 Holywell Hill St Albans AL1 1BZ

Welcome to Zombies HQ, the vibrant hub for the Begin Here Festival at Collective Gallery & Art Project Space (18 Holywell Hill St Albans AL1 1BZ). It's a lovely space where festival-goers can meet for guidance, schedules, and a dose of the festival's excitement. Zombies HQ is also your go-to spot for the festival materials (maps, stickers, merch), ensuring you're in the loop for all festival activities. Our dedicated team is here to assist you!

Zombies HQ.png

2. Blacksmiths Arms

Location: Blacksmiths Arms with Hugh & Chris

Blacksmiths Arms, 56 St Peter's St, St Albans AL1 3HG

Blacksmiths Arms.png

Step into music history at the Blacksmiths Arms, the legendary establishment where the original members of The Zombies initially crossed paths just outside; being too young to step inside at the time. Located in the heart of St Albans, this legendary pub holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts as the birthplace of a musical journey that would leave an indelible mark on the industry. The very exterior walls of the Blacksmiths Arms bear witness to the creative sparks that ignited a journey into musical greatness.


On Friday, Nov 10th at 5 PM, the Blacksmiths Arms welcomes you to a fan meetup, moderated by Steve Rossi, transforming itself into a heaven for enthusiasts and admirers of The Zombies. Amidst the historic ambiance, join fellow fans to share stories, revel in the band's timeless music, and bask in the unique aura that only the birthplace of such legendary artistry can provide. The Blacksmiths Arms isn't just a pub; it's a living tribute to The Zombies' legacy, and this fan meetup is your chance to be part of the ongoing story. Raise a glass, connect with kindred spirits, and immerse yourself in the magic that started it all at the Blacksmiths Arms.

Please note that The Zombies are not guaranteed to be there.

3. St Albans Museum + Gallery

Location: St Albans Museum + Gallery

Town Hall St Peter’s Street St Albans AL1 3DH

St Albans Museum + Gallery, the place where The Zombies got one of their first auditions, kickstarting a legendary musical journey. This cultural hub invites you to experience the band's humble beginnings that tell the story of their early days. As you wander through the museum, envision the energy of that historic night and immerse yourself in the artifacts and memories that tell the story of The Zombies' humble beginnings.


This Friday at 8 PM, the museum transforms into a lively space for The Zombies Exhibit—a special event for the band and their fans. Explore rare memorabilia, photographs, and Q&A held with the original members & live audience, that bring The Zombies' history to life. Join fellow enthusiasts for a relaxed Friday evening celebrating the band's impact on music. The St Albans Museum + Gallery is a place where music history comes alive, and the Museum Exhibit is your ticket to relive the early moments of The Zombies' remarkable journey. The event is moderated by Jo Kendall from Prog Rock Magazine.

St Albans Museum.png

4. The Odyssey Cinema

Location: The Odyssey Cinema

166 London Rd, St Albans AL1 1PQ

Odyssey Cinema.png

The Zombies have many stories to tell and they can be heard in their first ever documentary directed by Robert Schwartzman. Embark on a captivating journey through the musical odyssey of The Zombies in their critically acclaimed documentary, "Hung Up On A Dream." This Saturday, we invite you to join us for an immersive cinematic experience where the band's rich tapestry of stories comes to life. From the formation of the group to the highs and lows of their career, this documentary is a treasure trove of insights into the world of The Zombies. Come and watch it with us on Nov 11th at 10 AM at The Odyssey Cinema and learn all about their journey!

5. Collective Gallery & Art Project

Location: Collective Gallery & Art Project Space

18 Holywell Hill St Albans AL1 1BZ

Welcome to the vibrant hub of creativity, Collective Gallery & Art Project — a multifaceted space that serves as the headquarters for Zombies HQ. Being the intersection of art and music, this place hosts two more Begin Here Festival events.


On Saturday and Sunday, from 12 PM to 4 PM, the gallery will be a home for art enthusiasts with the "Terry Quirk & Vivienne Boucherat Art Gallery" event. Immerse yourself in the visual narratives crafted by these talented artists, as their works unfold stories that transcends time and resonates with emotion of The Zombies journey and more.


Saturday evening at Collective Gallery & Art Project promises a storytelling session called "The Chris White Experience: Love Songs and Anthems." At 4:30 PM, join us for an intimate event where Chris White shares the stories and inspirations behind his soul-stirring songs. You'll have the opportunity to dive into the heart and soul of Chris White's songs, gaining insight into the emotions, experiences, and artistic influences that have crafted his signature sound. The event is moderated by Steve Rossi.

Zombies HQ.png
The Tree.png

6. The Tree

Location: Meet at the tree outside The Cathedral Shoppe

Discover the magic of "The Ghost Of You and Me Tree" in Verulamium Park, a serene spot where Colin captured the cover of his solo album, "The Ghost Of You and Me." Join us this Saturday at 2 PM for a special Fan Photo Session – your chance to snap a picture with Colin beside the iconic tree. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty that inspired his music and become part of this special moment in a picturesque setting. It's more than just a photo; it's a unique opportunity to connect with Colin and the artistic spirit of "The Ghost Of You and Me Tree."

7. Empire Records

Location: Empire Records

21, Heritage Close, High St, St Albans AL3 4EB

Join us for a record signing session in the heart of music at Empire Records. On Saturday at 3 PM, it’s your chance to meet the band, get signed copies, and immerse yourself in in the authentic vibe of the record store filled with Zombies Fans. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to spend the time with the people who have the same passion for The Zombies tunes just like you do! Each person is restricted to having a maximum of three items signed.

Empire Records.png
Mad Squirrel Tap.png

8. Mad Squirrel Tap

Location: Mad Squirrel Tap

Heritage Close, 17 High St, St Albans AL3 4EB

Welcome to the rhythmic taproom of Mad Squirrel Tap where beats and beers unite in perfect harmony. On Saturday evening at 5:30 PM, it will be a perfect place for an unforgettable evening with drumming experts Hugh Grundy and Steve Rodford. These experienced drummers, known for their exceptional skills, are set to share their techniques, insights, and the artistry behind the beats. Explore their individual styles of drumming and how it became the part of The Zombies sound.

9. Books On a Hill

Location: Books On The Hill

1 Holywell Hill, St Albans AL1 1ER

Books On a Hill! A cozy spot where stories come to life. Take part in celebrating the magic of both literature and music at the book signing event by The Zombies. Discover the limited quantity of The Zombies' book, "The Odessey: The Zombies in Words and Images", available for sale exclusively at the book shop. The event starts at 7 PM.

Books On a Hill.png

10. The Cathedral

Location: St Albans Cathedral

Cathedral, Sumpter Yard, St Albans AL1 1BY

St Albans Cathedral.png

Welcome to the timeless elegance of St Albans Cathedral, with its soaring architecture, holds the echoes of sacred vows as well as personal stories of parishioners within its hallowed walls. St Albans Cathedral is the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in Britain.


Explore the very aisles where Rod once stood as a member of the boys’ choir, laying the foundation for his music journey. The choir's repertoire, with its rich and diverse range, contributed significantly to shaping Rod's musical sensibilities, ultimately influencing the distinctive harmonies that have become synonymous with The Zombies' timeless sound. Feel the imprint that went through the decades and shaped the essence of The Zombies music you listen to nowadays.


St Albans Cathedral is not just a witness to musical beginnings but also a witness to the union of hearts. It’s the very place where, on the 24th of June 1972, Rod and his wife, Cathy, began their beautiful journey of marriage, creating memories forever important to them and the cathedral’s storied history.


Visit the Cathedral this Sunday for Remembrance Day Festivities to pay tribute to those who sacrificed for our freedom and world peace.

11. St Albans School

Location: St Albans School

Abbey Mill Ln, St Albans AL3 4HB

The St Albans School echoes with the footsteps of musical legends. Located in the heart of St Albans, it holds a unique place in history of Rod, Paul & Hugh as their alma mater, where these musical pioneers once grew up before they went and formed The Zombies.


Did you know that Colin & Chris went to a completely different school? Do you know which one it was?

St Albans School.png

12. The Loft

Location: Loft St Albans

23b George St, St Albans AL3 4ES

On Sunday at 1 PM, come, relax and dive into the delightful Jazz Brunch experience with Tom Toomey and Milly Riquelme. Join us at a cozy place, called The Loft, where music meets brunch in a perfect harmony for a memorable time. Let’s enjoy the delicious offerings of Mediterranean cuisine with melodic tunes in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere together.

13. The Boot

Location: The Boot

4 Market Pl, St Albans AL3 5DG

The Boot has been a constant rhythm in the heartbeat of the community, a stage where Jim Rodford played often with many different bands including Rodford Files which consisted of Jim and his two sons Steve and Russell, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the bright melodies of their performances.


This Sunday at 5 PM, you’re invited to immerse yourself in the all Rodford musical celebration where Arc (Steve Rodford’s daughters Anya and Cara & his brother Russell) and The Bunts (featuring Steve Rodford) and The Bunts will create an unforgettable evening filled with notes that will linger in your heart long after the last chord fades away.

The Boots.png

Let's Explore St Albans together!

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